Kickstarter’s Zano drone fails to fly – UK

Kickstarter’s Zano drone fails to fly

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Zano droneImage copyrightTorquing
More than 12,000 people gave a total of £2,335,119 to fund the drone via Kickstarter

It was Europe’s most successful Kickstarter project – but now the Zano mini-drone is in deep crisis.

Last night, the former chief executive of Torquing Group – the firm behind the Zano – resigned. That left the thousands who had backed the firm with more than £2m a year ago in despair.

Ivan Reedman, the engineer driving the design of the mini-drone, explained why he was going in a post on a Zano forum.

“My resignation is due to personal health issues and irreconcilable differences,” he wrote.

Reedman, who stepped down as chief executive to become R&D director last year after new investors bought into the business, had been the only executive to engage with worried backers over recent months.

“To say I am devastated pales when compared to what I am feeling,” his statement said.

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UAV Blog:

This is a shame as it was a great idea, trying to bring mini drones to the mass market. Is it another UK failure?

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