Curry stunt – UK

Takeaway curries delivered by drone – and we’re not Rogan Josh-ing

From the Milton Keynes Citizen:

A city Indian restaurant is set to become the first in the world to use a DRONE to deliver its takeaway curries.

The Don owner Aki Rahman has applied for a Civil Aviation Authority licence to fly his Phantom 3 all over MK to deposit customers’ dinners on their doorsteps.

“I’m determined to beat Google and Amazon and be the first to use delivery drones,” he said.

Mr Aki has found a thermal takeaway bag to fit securely on the bottom rails of the drone and has practised landing so softly that even the lightest poppadom stays intact.

“We’ve done a trial run to my grandmother’s house and it all went well,” he said.

The progress of the curry-drone will be tracked back at The Don restaurant and a specialist camera will even film its progress.

Enterprising Mr Aki plans to offer customers a copy of the film showing how their meal travelled to them.

He is keeping his fingers crossed that the CAA will grant him permission to fly over built-up areas where power lines can pose a problem.

“I’m 80 per cent sure I will be allowed. But if not, I will stick to delivering in rural, open areas – perhaps delivering to a park if people want a special occasion picnic.”

The Don, which is a few metres away from CMK rail station, opened four months ago. It prides itself on offering “real” Indian cuisine without colourings or additives to suit Western taste.

“These ingredients are not genuine. They are not what Indian people eat – and they would only provide more weight for my drone!” said 30-year-old Mr Aki.

Read more:

UAV Blog:

As a publicity stunt this is working well for Mr Aki. However, the takeaway buyer will need to be within 500 meters of the curry house or the operator will have to be walking around controlling the Phantom as he makes delivery. Or, the UAV will be following the delivery driver in his car!

Still, look out if you are in Milton Keynes, as it may not be rain falling from the skies. Nan keeps falling on my head…..

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