180,000 + FAA registrations

In the United States over 180,000 people have registered their drones with the FAA.


It would be good if we could compare the overall sales figure with the registration figure to see what percentage of customers are actually registering their drones.

With huge investments being made by chip makers Intel and Qualcomm in technology which incorporates graphic processing, GPS services and avoidance technology, as well as communication and camera operation on their new boards and micro chips, where is the industry heading?

Why are they investing so heavily? Is the market for drones worth that much that the profits will offset the investment? Let’s look at it logically. Will the drone be like a smartphone, will everyone have one? No, it wouldn’t be viable, especially in cities – you would have chaos.

Will the UAV be like a games console, as in, most families have one? Maybe. Perhaps in future, when you go out for a cycle ride, or a walk, or a day at the beach or on holiday, the drone will be your camera of choice. It will take all your holiday snaps, video, selfies and vistas. It will follow you, buzz round you, snapping as it goes. It may even follow your car as you cruise the coast.

To achieve a return on their investment the drone, or it’s technology, must become a household product and an essential business tool. As applications for UAVs become more widespread they will definitely become an essential business tool, from remote visual access for antennae to farm management, the drone is becoming integral to they way we operate businesses.

Security is another area where mainstream use will become normal, as the UAV interacts with your secure perimeter and takes off to investigate any breach of security.

Search and Rescue is a fantastic way to use the industries technology, but it is unlikely to be a driving commercial force. Maybe our vehicles will all include a UAV which automatically takes off and emits a location signal if you are involved in an accident.

Whatever the use, drones, UAVs, SUASs, are here and are driving technological advancement at a phenomenal rate. Watch this space as 2016 will be an interesting tech year.


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