Can’t fly your UAV because of Bad weather? Grounded?

Bad weather? Rain? Wind? Can’t fly?

Okay, so you have your fabulous new toy. It’s a fairly expensive little UAV with all the tech, but, it’s raining, it’s foggy, it’s snowing, it’s windy. Yes, it’s not good flying weather!

So now it’s the ‘flying inside’ time. Want to practice? Want some idea of what you are letting yourself in for in the big, bad world out there?

Bring on the Hubsan X4 H107C. Yes, it’s small (no payload at all!), it’s dinky, it’s a toy. Right?

No. If my trainer taught me anything, he taught me that practice is everything, and it doesn’t matter about size, it’s all about control. And if you can master this little beast, you stand a great chance of handling bigger, and badder UAVs. With finesse!

So, what do we have? It’s a mini UAV. It has LiPo batteries. It has a camera. It flies! Yes, with included remote control and a few spares, at under £60.00 it’s a great way to practice flying, especially when weather does not permit outdoors aviation.


Complete with remote control, which provides control over acceleration, pitch, yaw and ascent, it really is great fun way to practice. Control is a bit ‘sharp’, and I do advise purchasing the ‘protection ring’ and the ‘crash pack’ as this will prolong the life of your propellers and your walls, or pets for that matter, from aerial attack.

Hubsancrashpack hubsanring

To put it in context, my 12 year old daughter took control of the Hubsan X4 and she was not only able to gain control inside, but also, on a still, dry, summers day, surprised me while I was flying my Phantom in the garden, by flying the Hubsan at great speed and agility around trees and bushes without crashing.

For such a small UAV, it packs a punch. And it’s great fun, and you can record your experiences. The camera is not great, but then it’s about as good as an old phone, so don’t worry too much.

Happy winter. We love it.


Look for

Hubsan X4 H107C

on the internet for purchase options.

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