German Armed Forces To Lease Israeli Drones

Serious UAVs

Yes, the German Army do look like they will lease some serious drone technology from Israel. If you are backing up ground troops this is going to be what you need.

Top speed of around 150kn, 45 hours of flying time, 30,000ft ceiling, radar, thermographic cameras, 620 mile range, and a plethora of censors to help guide artillery or acquire targets.

As opposed to the Predator which can carry around 470 kg of munitions, including Paveway laser guided bombs, Hellfire air-to-ground missiles and can stay airborne for around 42 hours.

You probably won’t find either of these down at Maplins. Thankfully.


Germany to lease Israeli drones instead of buying US Predators


THIS HERON drone is of a type recently featured in Northern Command drills aimed at improving responses to attempted infiltrations by terrorists.. (photo credit:Wikimedia Commons)

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday announced plans for the army to lease Heron TP drones from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) rather than buy Predator B drones from US defense contractor General Atomics.

General Inspector Volker Wieker, head of the army, favors the Israeli drones which like the Predator B can be armed, government sources said, adding Germany planned to lease between three and five drones from 2018.

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are to be stationed in Israel and will cost about 580 million euros.

“This is about drones that can be armed, that will be standard in the future,” von der Leyen told reporters. “It is important for the protection of soldiers,” she said, adding she would provide more information once the contracts had been agreed.

Germany already has three earlier versions of the Heron reconnaissance drone which are deployed in Afghanistan. They are maintained by Airbus and cannot be armed.

The new drones are to serve as an interim measure until the EU has developed its own, von der Leyen said.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain plan to jointly develop a drone by 2025.

From the Jerusalem Post:

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