Set a drone to catch a drone?

Drone on Drone nonsense?

Forgive me, but this a ludicrous idea. Perhaps they should use their Spidey-Drone to catch another drone. Of course this will never happen. But I can imagine a drone using a metaphorical ‘net’ by using a jamming signal to take out other UAVs, which may be a sensible way of policing the skies.


Drone Shoots Net to Safely Capture Rogue Drones

In the future, drones could patrol the skies, hunting for other drones. They might not need lasers or advanced technology to do it — instead, they could simply use a net.

Researchers from Michigan Technological University’s HIRoLab have created a “drone-catcher” that ensnares rogue unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by shooting out a net.


It’s similar to a system developed by Tokyo police to stop drones that fly into restricted airspace. The Japanese UAV is a little different because it flies with a net hanging underneath it.

HIRoLab’s drone actually launches a net. It can fly autonomously or can be flown by a pilot.

Read more from NBC News:

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