Massive increase in drone use by military

Military drones, around 80% of the drone market, to increase in use

Military drone use is set to increase exponentially around the world by armed forces. Is this why government think tanks, huge multinationals and industry are investing in  this technology?

From Intel to Amazon, America to Iran, huge investments are being made in this industry. Lets hope we can take the drone industry in a more productive direction.


Pentagon eyes sharp increase in drone flights by 2019: official

The Pentagon is planning a sharp increase in daily drone flights over conflict zones around the globe in the next four years as it tries to meet the reconnaissance and air strike needs of combatant commanders, a spokesman said on Monday.

Navy Captain Jeff Davis, a Defense Department spokesman, said the number of unmanned drone flights, known as combat air patrols, would be increased by about 50 percent by 2019 – from between 60 and 65 a day to about 90.

“We’ve seen a steady demand signal from all of our geographic combatant commanders to have more of this capability,” Davis told reporters at the Pentagon.

The planes are used in the fight against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, in the conflict in Afghanistan, against extremist groups like al Shabab in Somalia and to gather intelligence in the Pacific.

Read more from Patrick T Fallon at Reuters:

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