Mix fixed wing and quadcopter and what do you get? The VertiKUL 2

Taking the quadcopter a stage further

With the race on to find UAVs with the ability to deliver packages for both courier and shopping services like DHL and Amazon, efficiently and effectively, the clever Belgians have come up with a crossover drone utilising the speed of fixed wing aircraft and maneuverability of quadcopters.


Belgian drone mixes plane and quadcopter technology

 VertiKUL 2

Researchers in Belgium have devised a prototype delivery drone which they say could rival the likes of Amazon Prime Air and Google’s Project Wing.

The University of Leuven team behind VertiKUL 2 (KUL is the acronym for Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) say the drone combines the ability of quadcopters to take-off and land vertically with both the speed of conventional aircraft and their capacity to fly long distances.

Read more from Jim Drury at Reuters:

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