Tokyo Police using drones to patrol and intercept on Marathon route

Police conduct drone-capturing drill ahead of Tokyo Marathon


Tokyo police have conducted an anti-terrorism drill, including the seizure of a suspicious drone by using an interceptor drone, ahead of the Tokyo Marathon next month.

The drill was conducted Sunday in a parking lot at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center in Koto Ward, which will be used as the finish area for the Feb. 28 marathon.

The interceptor, introduced by the Metropolitan Police Department last month, is about 1 meter in diameter and is equipped with a net measuring about 3 meters long and 2 meters wide to capture suspicious drones.

It is operated by a special unit of the riot squad.

The Tokyo police currently have only one interceptor but plan to add another 10 by next month. The first was introduced following the discovery of a suspicious small drone on the rooftop of the building housing the prime minister’s office last April.

Read more from JIJI at JapanTimes:

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