Serious about flying a UAV?

Want to fly a drone a little more seriously?

So you just buy a UAV off the shelf right? Pop it up and off you go?

Okay, so you can do that. Lay out loads of bucks on a nice looking drone in a shiny box.


Better idea? Look for a second hand model, such as an old Phantom FC40. It still has the same basic controls, it has GPS and can fly in ATTI mode. It is well worth taking out your initial failings on something of less value than your newly prized purchase.

With this you can throw it around and see what flying is about without breaking the bank. Logging precious flying hours as you go. Learn about basic flight manoeuvres, maintenance and battery maintenance before leaping in.

Then, when you are more comfortable with flying, order your new machine and you will be ready for the next step.

Going for your PFAW? Read my other posts about UAV training. Look around, there are some good courses out there. Check the CAA website for up to date information.

However, even with practice we do make the occasional mistake! Always know what is around you! Or this will happen:

Of course, when setting my way points I forgot about the tree in the middle!

Safe flying everyone!


226 thoughts on “Serious about flying a UAV?”

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