Formula Drone? Forget the console.

Drone racing, forget the console

Drone racing? Are we going to have Formula Drone, The Grand Drone, Melbourne Drone, Mario Drone, Top Drone, Olympic Drone?

A step up from sitting on your console shooting the baddies. Combining video game and real life, the future of sport is now Drone Racing. Now this does sound like fun.

Piloting your drone, built to a specific standard, as in Formula One, as fast as you can round a predetermined course against the best of the rest sounds like the a great way to spend the day.

DRL, the Drone Racing League is doing just that. Wearing your FPV monitor as a VR unit strapped to your head so you get a real view of the action, grasping your control unit in your sweaty mits as you try and hurtle round and through obstacles round the course.

The first race is on 22nd February and that sounds like a cracker in Miami, Florida, USA.

Image result for drone racing league

Remember playing Space Invaders and wondering where this will go? Well this is where it is taking us so far! And yes, for all those Luke Skywalker fans, this is Star Wars 2016 style.

Simon Hughes, Editor.

Read about the Drone Racing League at:

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