Public Dialogue on Drones

Public Dialogue on Drones?

So, as reported in earlier posts, there have been 4 incidents over UK airports involving drones.

Surely it is the responsibility of the CAA to issue formal registration for all drones, whether that is hobbyists or professionals?


I am not condoning the misuse of drones, just more education and some form of compulsory registration, whether that be at purchase or on registration of the drone with the manufacturer or by CAA regulation. We should quit the discussions and implement some strategy.

So the CAA are running what they call a ‘Public Dialogue’. However, for December 2015 through to February 2016 this was by invitation only, and there were only 150 invites. Is that ‘Public Dialogue’? Interested in being involved? Click here.

I have been checking the website, but ‘Findings’ are still coming soon….watch this space.

Anyway, feel safe people, the skies are not full of idiots, just a few people who need a little training. Like most men, they probably throw the instructions away when they get the toy out.

Simon Hughes Ed.

You can find articles on this here:

Financial Times


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