Are there enough eagles to take on the drones?

Scottish SNP MP Douglas Chapman is asking the Scottish Police force to look into training eagles to take down drones after seeing the Dutch police training them this way.

The question I have to ask is that if every country suddenly wants to use this method of drone control do we have enough eagles?


There are around 400 pairs of nesting Golden Eagles in Scotland – are they just going to capture these and use them? If not, where are all these eagles going to come from?

Perhaps we can instigate a breeding plan and go mass production on birds of prey – although I think the RSPB might have something to say on that.

With the amount of drones being sold, it seems unlikely that this will be an effective way of dealing with the problem. It is more likely that something like a modified version of the Boeing laser canon, which after more development, will presumably become smaller and more efficient.

Read from the Scotsman on Mr Chapman MP and from Boeing on their developments.

Simon Hughes Ed.

129 thoughts on “Are there enough eagles to take on the drones?”

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