AT&T and Intel Demo LTE Connected Drone in Intel’s Drone Zone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

The way forward for the drone industry?


For the humble drone to move forward we need to unshackle the LOS (Line of sight) limitations. Now AT&T and Intel have demonstrated a drone being controlled through LTE Networks rather than the current 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz methods used.

This will open up the flight paths for higher and longer flights, and the ability to control drones over much longer distances.

For industry this should mean companies like AT&T can send a drone to investigate power lines, masts and weather affected areas to assess damage and improve efficiency of dealing with infrastructure problems, prior to sending a team to deal with it.

For delivery companies it means freeing up the airwaves to move on delivering goods without having to be in sight of the drone, an essential step forward.

For farming it would mean being able to send your drone to investigate crop growth, flooding, animal herds – all from your control room, tractor cab, or wherever you are.

Read more from the AT&T newsroom.

#flysafe #yuneec #faa


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