DJI Phantom 4 ships


It’s 15th March, so is it DJI Phantom 4 shipping day?

Paid for your new Phantom? Looking forward to using the new features on the Phantom 4? Can’t wait to point and follow?

Yes, that’s how we feel! According to the DJI website, the Phantom 4 is going to ship on a ‘who paid first’ basis, which, I have to say, is fair enough. So now I’m thinking, crickey, I paid 6 hours after the initial launch moment, that’s to say I paid at 23:00 and it was released at 17:00 UK time, so where am I on the list?

Did I make it? Is it first day shipping for me? Tense? Nervous? Yup. It is interesting. There must be numerous guys, and girls of course, working in warehouse distribution centers, like me, who, when they get wind of a huge imminent product release breath in deeply, look up to the skies, and say ‘Here we go again!’ and now I am waiting exactly for that same thing. It’s a cruel world but we love it.

#DJI #FlySafe #Phantom4

More on the 4 at: DJI Phantom 4

344 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 4 ships”

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