DJI’s Phantom 4 Active Track – a must have feature

After testing the Phantom 4 and the Active Track feature, you really have to say it is fantastic.

In order to film a shot like this I would have had to practice for quite some time and my helpful participant would have definitely lost her patience. This was filmed on my third use of the Phantom 4, the first being inside in a warehouse, the second to calibrate the compass, and then, a one hour mission, including getting to the site.

That is how easy this was. Just point at the red jacket, tap ‘Go’, and hey, the Phantom 4 is following the jacket! Now just feather the right hand control stick to the left or right, and abracadabra, film a sweeping circular shot keeping the target in frame without having to think about it!

Okay, this was not at any speed, she had played football in the morning and was tired, but you can see that this one feature just opens up a world of filming which just would not have been possible for the average flyer only 7 days ago!

Look out for more including tests of other Phantom 4 features.

#DJI, #Phantom4, #FlySafe, #SUAS #Drone

258 thoughts on “DJI’s Phantom 4 Active Track – a must have feature”

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