Crashed your DJI Phantom 4?

Flying a DJI Phantom 4 is an art. With an array of flight modes at your fingertips you can really capture some amazing video.

Well, I was trying out Course Lock so I could capture a sweeping flyby of a fabulously lit tree. It is an Oak and it stands by an Ash in the middle of a field. It looks beautiful and has become laden with leaves while the Ash stands naked next to it. You know what they say, Oak before Ash…………

Anyway, I set the course up, locked it in, and then concentrated on shooting my sweeping shot of the Oak. I was admiring the smooth video, the tilt of the camera as I kept the Oak in shot. It looked brilliant. Oh, what’s that? It’s a 45 foot Ash tree? Nope, didn’t see that one coming! Embedded the Phantom 4 right on the top branch! I did wonder why the camera had stopped moving!

Lessons learned from this nightmare?

Always watch the Phantom and the screen. Never loose spatial awareness. Always practice the Course Lock route first. You can’t climb a huge Ash tree. Ask the farmer first. Be humble when you have to ask for your Phantom back. Offer a free video session. Crikey, that’s a lot of lessons!

Here’s the video, those of a nervous disposition look away now:

Oh, and there is help out there thanks to the guys @DJI and their fab support, quick parts delivery, and repair network. The quick response from @DroneDoctor_UK has meant it is now in safe hands and should be ready shortly.

Meanwhile, I am packing the Phantom 3 Advanced for back up. Maybe I should practice with that instead!

Happy flying people.

#DJI, #FlySafe, #SkyPixel, #Phantom4,


623 thoughts on “Crashed your DJI Phantom 4?”

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