Yuneec Typhoon H firmware update problems?

Have you had problems installing the latest firmware update for your Typhoon H?


When you upgrade the ST16 Groundstation you will lose the binding with the aircraft. Do not panic!

Make sure you have upgraded the firmware in the aircraft and the controller before proceeding.

Then. Switch the aircraft on (it will have constantly flashing blue light) and then, within 10 seconds, tilt the aircraft quickly forward to 45 degrees twice in quick succession. This should change the blue flashing light to orange flashing.

Then power on the groundstation, go to System Settings and the ‘Bind’ tab. The aircraft should show up in white writing – if it doesn’t, click ‘Refresh’ – press on the white writing and then press ‘Bind’.

This will reconnect your aircraft to your controller.

If the camera is not connecting go back to the binding screen and the camera should show in white writing , press on the camera and hit ‘Bind’ again.

If you have further issues you can contact Yuneec direct – they are incredibly helpful.

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