Bad Karma, GoPro recalls it’s new drone

Could this be a fatal blow to GoPro?


Since October 23rd GoPro have sold approximately 2,500 Karma photo drones and all have been recalled due to a technical fault with the power supply.

With no replacement units being offered and a cut of 15% of their workforce this is surely a telling sign that the action camera professionals are having a torrid time and could be hitting a brick wall.

Without the Karma all they have is an updated action camera which is being undermined by a myriad of cheaper and just as effective alternatives. Clever upgrades such as voice activation may not be enough to encourage owners of older models to upgrade either.

CEO Nicholas Woodman has said “a very small number of Karma owners have reported incidents of power failure…….We are very sorry and taking every step to make the return process as easy as possible.”

You have to consider that seeing their sales of cameras shrink, that they pushed the Karma to get it to market as soon as possible to catch the Christmas rush and that someone in the organisation must have know that there was a problem with the power system. The fact that this is completely irresponsible – after all, we are always being told about near misses with aircraft and accidents involving people being hit by drones – the FAA should consider taking drastic action against the company to prevent them releasing dangerous quadcopters on the unsuspecting public.


650 thoughts on “Bad Karma, GoPro recalls it’s new drone”

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