Confused about drone rules?

DJI Phantom 4 front view

Should you be registered? Do you need insurance?  Are there any drone rules?

Yes, it’s a bit confusing. With shop assistants dishing out confusing and outdated information here is a little article to provide a little clarity for you.

The CAA are making it easier to access information all the time and it is even easier to follow the rules.

Using drones for recreational fun?
If you are just using your drone for fun, ie family photography, holiday (in the UK) photography or anything activity that does not include any commercial flying then:
No – you do not need to be registered as yet
No – you do not need to complete a commercial pilot course
No – you do not need to be insured
Yes – you do need to adhere to the Drone Code
Yes – you do need to fly safely
Yes – you do need to be aware of your surroundings

Get the Drone Code from here
Download Drone Assist from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Commercial Drone Operator?
If you want to earn your Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) to work for commercial gain with your drone, then:
You must be over 18
Yes – you must go through a training course with an approved NQE training company such as RUSTA, Heliguy, Coptrz
Yes – you must have insurance
Yes – you must be registered with the CAA
Yes – you must have produced your operations manual
Yes – you must log all your flying hours
Yes – you must record all aircraft maintenance

Whether you are a commercial or a recreational flyer you should be aware of the Air Navigation Order, especially articles 241, 94, 95, 2 and schedule 1.

Obviously there are a whole load of programs and apps that can help you plan your flights safely, but if you start with the information above then you will be heading in the right direction, safely!

Comments and feedback are always welcome at Air Focus.

Simon Hughes


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