Shoot the drone down?

Was i really watching TV when I saw that a company thinks you can use a big Nerf dart to shoot down a drone. While watching I was amazed to see a demonstration of the SkyWall100 bazooka taking out a poor little DJI Phantom.

Opneworks SkyWall100 bazooka
Opneworks SkyWall100 bazooka

The demonstration was impressive, highlight the drone, zone in to a green dot and fire! Hey presto, easy peasy! Well, actually, if you looked more closely, the drone didn’t move, it was hovering, almost as if waiting to be caught?

Of course, it did look like fun, and big boys need big toys, but it didn’t appear to be a realistic way of removing unwanted drone intrusions!

The real method is jamming radio signals, using locating technology and bringing in professionals. I can’t understand how, with all the technology at our disposal, Gatwick has been forced to shut for so long. How come it has taken over 24 hours for any sort of reasonable response to the situation.

Of course we could always bring in the birds, yet another mad hat way of capturing a rogue drone! Thank you to the Dutch police for providing this idea.

Dutch police using anti-drone technology.

344 thoughts on “Shoot the drone down?”

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