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UAV Training – perspective coming

UAV Training

Is it a get rich quick industry or are there genuine intentions to help regulate and legitimise a fledgling industry?

When I wanted to break into the UAV industry, I had some great ideas about uses for my drone. Having bought a second hand Phantom FC40 on eBay, and having loads of time on my hands, I started to think that maybe here is an industry that I could start a business in.

So, after hours of crashing and flying, taking video, pictures and generally messing about with my ‘toy’, I began to investigate using my machine for work. Obviously the first thing I discovered was that to use my UAS, UAV or drone for commercial purposes I would need a ‘Permission for aerial work’ granted by the CAA.

How do you achieve a ‘PFAW’? Okay so then I started to search for training companies on the internet. Bear in mind that I was, or maybe still am, a complete novice in the drone arena and could only view the system as an outsider.

After much, and I mean ‘MUCH’, deliberation I finally chose a training provider.

I will be reviewing the experience over the coming weeks so please return and view the updated posts.

From novice to operator, we are going to share our experiences with you to help you decide if this is the best way for you. Looking forward to that….