Google racing on, deliveries by UAV are coming

 Google race to deliver

In the US it looks like Google and Amazon are racing to use UAVs to deliver within the next 2 years. If The UK do not keep up with regulation we may be left behind and a market which is going to be worth a prospective $14bn will pass us by.

Keeping the UK at the forefront of this global phenomenon would be a wise idea. Dave Vos has got the right idea.


Google Exec Says Delivery by Drone Possible Within a Few Years

By  at BloombergBusiness

Product delivery-by-drone in urban areas may be possible within a few years if the U.S. government and the aviation industry agree to work cooperatively on the new technology, the chief of Google Inc.’s drone cargo project said Monday.

The swift adoption of a registration system for small unmanned aircraft, begun Dec. 21 to capture holiday gift buying, is a template for how different sectors of the aviation world can work together to speed approvals for deliveries, Dave Vos, head of Google X’s Project Wing, said in Washington.

“We’re making huge progress,” Vos said, speaking to the Aero Club of Washington, a group made up of mostly traditional aviation-industry members.

 Deliveries of small packages by drone are just part of what Vos sees as a coming revolution in the aviation industry as a result of growing computer power and cheaper sensors allowing automation that will increasingly assist the humans guiding aircraft.

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