Balancing regulation and use, can India regulate drones without crashing the market?

Being Illegal Won’t Keep Drones From Taking Over India

Anurag Kotoky

January 19, 2016 — 12:05 AM GMT

India joins U.S., Japan in setting new laws on drone usage

In India, it’s illegal for a civilian to use a drone. You wouldn’t know that if you went to a Bollywood-style wedding.
A remote-control flying camera is the latest must-have addition at the country’s opulent three-day ceremonies, said photographer Vijay Tonk, whose drone recently buzzed above the colorful throng of 300 guests at a wedding in the 18th century walled city of Jaipur.
“They want that whizzing camera flying over the venue at a height capturing shots that would otherwise be difficult to capture,” said Tonk, founder of Delhi-based photography company Think Tonk, which charges 40,000 rupees ($592) for the service. “Drones definitely do add to the wedding fun.”
They also add to the growing concern among governments worldwide about how to deal with the millions of new, tiny aircraft that are taking to the skies every year as the cost of owning your own drone plummets. SZ DJI Technology Co., the world’s biggest consumer drone maker, has seen revenue rise from nothing to an estimated $1 billion in 10 years. U.S.-based WinterGreen Research expects the drone market will be worth more than $16 billion by 2021.

Read more from Anurag Kotoky at Bloomberg:

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