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Planning a trip abroad? Here are some excellent tips.

Having travelled extensively ourselves, a fabulous article relating to the 50 Best Travel tips is a really handy reference guide to preparing, booking, things to remember, things to watch out for and general travel.

The article is from Your RV Lifestyle:

Enjoy the read and your travels. Be safe.

Drone airport infrastructure investment in China

From Business Insider Tara Francis Chan

Chinese retailer is set to build upwards of 185 ‘drone airports’ throughout China’s more remote areas in order to deliver shipments quickly and efficiently.


Swarming drones to counter nuclear threat

From Nicola Smith at the Telegraph

The alarming headline belies the truth in which, more than likely, the drones will actually be used for surveillance, spotting and guidance, rather than direct conflict.

However, war, or the threat of war, always pushes the boundaries of technology to it’s limits so anything is possible.

One million yuan reward offered by DJI

DJI is offering a one million yuan reward ($145,000 / £113,000) for any information which will help catch pilots who have been operating their drones illegally near Chengdu Shuangliu International in China.

There have been several incidents in April which have totally disrupted airport operations and left thousands of passengers stranded by the delays.

DJI are obviously trying to protect their company name with this measure. However, it does bring into question why their Geofencing programming is not working to stop their own drones flying near airports such as this.

Geofencing is where the drone knows exactly where it is from multiple GPS signals and airports are meant to be pre-progammed into the UAVs to stop this issue.