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Drone used to locate body of drowning victim

Drone used to locate body of drowning victim

Man drowns off Ajman beach

Image Credit: Ajman Civil Defence
Ajman Civil Defence personnel and beach-goers at Ajman Corniche after the body was retrieved.
Published: 15:47 January 19, 2016Gulf News

Ajman: Civil Defence personnel used a drone to locate the body of an Arab man who drowned off the Corniche here, an official said on Tuesday.

The body was retrieved from the sea by a maritime rescue team of Ajman Civil Defence, Colonel Nasser Rashid Al Zirri, Director of Media and Public Relation Department at Ajman Civil Defence, said

Col Al Zirri said that the operations room received a call on Monday at around 12.20pm about a drowning incident near the Ajman Corniche. sea.

The rescue team started a search operation and scanned the area using a drone and found the body shortly, Col Al Zirri said.

He said the department will also use drones in firefighting and rescue operations in future.

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Drone being used to smuggle?

Yup, it’s true, but you would think that, as said previously, prison guards are there to keep out as well as keep in….



drone prison smuggler drugs contraband
A man convicted of using a drone to smuggle contraband into Maryland’s Western Correctional Institution faces up to 51 years behind bars.FRANCOIS LENOIR/ REUTERS

A man has been convicted of attempting to use a drone to smuggle drugs, pornography, tobacco and a cellphone into a maximum security prison.

Thaddeus Shortz, 25, was arrested outside Maryland’s Western Correctional Institution on August 22, 2015. Police searching his pickup truck found $35,000 worth of contraband, which he later told police he planned to fly over a 12-foot security fence into the prison yard.

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Logistics deliveries by UAV – Royal Mail

From the Daily Mail’s Rosie Taylor:

Drones will one day deliver post to rural addresses, the head of Royal Mail suggested yesterday.

Moya Greene said she ‘would love to see’ the technology in operation as it would be a solution in remote areas.

The chief executive suggested that driverless trucks could also ‘probably’ be used by the postal service.

She was asked what she thought of drones at a conference and replied: ‘I’d love to see things like that happening.

‘I don’t think it’s going to be to every single address. I think it’s going to work in more remote places where you don’t have to deliver too much. But I’d love to see things like that.

‘I’d love to see how sensory technology is working so that we can probably see a day when we’re going to have driverless trucks.

‘Part of keeping up and being here for 500 years to come is to watch all of those things with great interest.’ Miss Greene, a Canadian, compared the new technology with the advent of driverless trains at airports.

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